Jesus Girl College Organization

Program History

Jesus Girl College is, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 2010 in Richmond VA
by Dr. Medina Pullings. Dr. Medina Pullings held the belief that many young women
in their community lacked meaningful spiritual guidance during college age years.
Determined to make a difference, Dr. Medina Pullings convened a series of meetings,
brainstorming positive efforts to promote Jesus Christ, high standards of academic
excellence, abstinence, and decrease in college dropout rate during the college age
years, wholeness and love within the College base communities. Since opening its
doors, Jesus Girl College looks forward to gaining strong partnerships with the local
business community, media, school districts, and youth–serving organizations in the

La’Chone Thompkins; is Executive Director, and her staff of six continues to carry out
the Jesus Girl College vision and expand the scope of program services.

Jesus Girl College Organization

Mission Statement

The mission of the Jesus Girl College Organization is to help women develop a spiritual
foundation and to promote love for Jesus. Promote leadership, mentorship and
community service. To reduce the school dropout rate within college age years. To
encourage young women to serve and give back in their communities. To promote
sisterhood, oneness of heart and develop friendships. Hold empowerment sessions
to encourage women and girls to set goals and reach their full potential. To encourage
high education and moral standards. To enhance the quality of life within local
organizations around the world and to promote a fun and relaxed environment.


Jesus Girl College Organization

Vision Statement

Jesus Girl College Organization is to have an inclusive and fully active membership that is
founded on the idea of the scripture in John 4:16-42. There was a Samaritan Woman that had
an encounter with Jesus and when she left his presence, she was never the same. He made an
impression on her life and she in turn made an impact on her community!